WYLP manages a large network of training providers across Yorkshire. We are fully committed to the promotion, development and growth of apprenticeships, traineeships and the wider FE sector. 

 The WYLP Provider Support Service is a bespoke service aimed at developing & enhancing training providers to reach their full potential, aid their journey to outstanding and develop high quality apprenticeship and skills programmes. 

WYLP have extensive experience of contract management, quality improvement and business development.  This experience has resulted in a 0% error rate at SFA FAM audit, grade 2 Good, Ofsted Inspection and remained successful for over 13 years in the FE Sector.   

WYLP offer all partners a wide range of CPD & networking opportunities, including (but not limited to) OTLA, WRAP, Digital Skills, Nominee training, reviews & training plans, networking conferences and workshops plus much more.

What Ofsted say…..

Your managers have worked indefatigably to promote high standards and to support quality improvement throughout the consortium. Your team have created robust quality assurance and improvement processes and the high proportion of apprentices achieving their qualifications has been maintained.  Ofsted report 2017


WYLP are offering skills providers a comprehensive suite of support services and packages that aid & enhance Apprenticeship delivery.

Through the introduction of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), many new & existing providers will be directly funded for the delivery of apprenticeship provision.  Apprenticeship funding is changing and will be routed via levy or non-levy arrangements and these new arrangements come with a new set of funding rules, contract requirements and quality expectations.

For some Providers and employer providers the size of their organisation and provision doesn’t justify the costs of having in-house systems and staff dedicated to manage an SFA contract and all the contractual and quality expectations placed on the sector. Let alone the management time needed to keep up to date with the complexities and changes to Funding Rules, audit requirements and preparing for Ofsted.

WYLP have extensive experience of contract management, quality improvement and business development.  This experience has resulted in a 0% error rate at SFA audit, a grade 2, good, at Ofsted and a Network that has adapted, evolved but remained successful for over 13 years in the FE Sector.   At the last WYLP Ofsted inspection in 2017 it was stated that the services WYLP offer as a regional network are vital in the future success of local training providers.

This experience, along with approved systems and processes means we are able to offer a complete provider support package that ensures compliance with SFA contract requirements, Ofsted readiness, leadership & management development and any bespoke support required to meet provider needs.

The services we can offer providers include

  • Data management, reporting, monthly SFA claims & employer investment tracking
  • SFA Funding rules & Ofsted compliance audits
  • Mock-sted inspections and readiness visits
  • Prevent health checks, risk assessments, WRAP training, FBV embedding and safeguarding development
  • Observations of Teaching & Learning visits inc observer & moderator training & development
  • English & maths development support inc Access to Initial Assessment & diagnostic tool
  • Wide range of CPD opportunities
  • Levy development & implementation support
  • Levy engagement & promotion services
  • Plus a Bespoke consultancy service to suite your internal needs

You can choose a range of services by purchasing “call off days” via service level agreements.  For more information please contact Alex Miles, Managing Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 07859 339949

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