Quality Service - We will ensure a consistently high quality of service, and will act independently and objectively in the delivery of our service.

Committed Staff - Our committed team will always conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.

Prompt Service - We will respond to all enquiries within forty-eight hours or within the deadline agreed with you.

Networks - Members are invited to attend quarterly networking conferences exclusively for members, partners and stakeholders, where the latest information on sector development & policy updates are discussed and guest speakers attend to provide a well-rounded agenda and FE sector programme.

Support - Networks have access to Development Support to act on their behalf ensuring your voice is heard at meetings and events.

Business opportunities -  WYLP has a proven record of bidding and securing commissioned activities on behalf of our members.

Partnerships and collaboration - WYLP has an excellent reputation in partnership and collaborative working. We will ensure members views are heard by stakeholders and decision makers at all levels through representation, consultation and lobbying.

Access to information - WYLP offers a series of events and workshops throughout the local networks and hosts West Yorkshire conferences. We will maintain the WYLP website with up to date information, references and resources and develop the Apprenticeship Directory which is issued to all schools, careers services, JCP and other key stakeholders

The sharing of “Good Practice” - Members are encouraged to share Good Practice through the development of a resource guide called “Golden Nuggets Guide”. WYLP will enable members to meet other colleagues through network meetings and events.

Encouraged to evaluate our service - We use your feedback to continually improve the quality of our services to better meet your needs.

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