West Yorkshire Learning Providers (WYLP) is the largest network of learning providers in the region and one of the largest networks of its kind in the country.

WYLP is a membership based organisation working to support members in the delivery of Apprenticeships, employment and skills provision. Our network members include independent training providers, voluntary and community organisations, further education colleges, local councils, partnerships and individuals who are delivering employment and skills provision across West Yorkshire and the wider Leeds City Region.

WYLP and the network are here to help young people and adults learners, individuals who are unemployed, employers, partnerships and other stakeholders. WYLP is the local voice of its member organisations in strategic partnerships and consortia arrangements in respect of vocational education and skills.

The WYLP Network
WYLP is a single network of employment and skills providers operating across West Yorkshire and the wider Leeds City Region. It ensures effective communication and representation with all its members, stakeholders and partnerships. WYLP recognises the importance of local partnership arrangements and delivery and the need for providers to have a voice and be represented at district level. WYLP has a local networks structure in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and District and Calderdale and Kirklees. These networks play a key role in engaging with local partnerships and activities at all levels.

WYLP Strategic Partnerships
WYLP has an excellent reputation for partnership working across the education, employment and skills agenda and for being a key strategic partner on stakeholder and partnership bodies.
‘A key strength at the previous inspection was the particularly good collaborative working to access funding and support. Members continue to benefit from good responsive support from the staff at WYLP. They value the particularly good partnership working, networking and integrity of WYLP’
WYLP is a member of the Leeds City Region Skills Network formed in April 2011 with representatives from Further Education Colleges, Higher Education Institutions and private and voluntary sector skills providers who work across the Leeds City Region Employment and Skills Board and Local Enterprise Partnership.
WYLP has effective communication channels and has developed good working relations with Government Agencies and Services across the Yorkshire and the Humber Region including the Skills Funding Agency, National Apprenticeship Service and the Education Funding Agency.

About WYLP
Following the announcement of the freedoms and flexibilities in the Single Adult Skills Budget in 2011/12 WYLP has established good communication channels and effective processes with Jobcentre Plus District Offices and their senior management team for the delivery of programme for the unemployed.

WYLP Brand
The single network brand of WYLP and the use of the brand and logo by the local network members have created a clear identity and strong image for learning providers. Being part of the WYLP brand strengthens an individual providers profile and recognition by association with the quality and reputation of WYLP and the Network.

WYLP Promotions
WYLP has and will continue to raise the awareness and understanding of work based learning by helping to promote the delivery of Apprenticeships, employment and skills training, to employers, schools, young people, their parents and employed
or unemployed adults.

Information Sharing and Working Together
WYLP runs regular seminars and workshops for its members working closely with LSIS and other organisations. WYLP host conferences across the Region that attract key speakers from across the employment and skills sector. All these events are free to WYLP member’s who share in the information available on Government policies, initiatives and funded programmes.

Capacity Building the Provider Infrastructure
WYLP has secured substantial funding over many years amounting to £16 million on behalf of its members through ESF and Government funded programmes. WYLP has won ESF contracts amounting to over £3.5 million and has continued to be a prime contract holder through the Skills Funding Agency generating over £12 million of funding. Plus WYLP has secured almost £500k of other funding.

In 2011/12 WYLP established a Skills Consortium for the deliver of Apprenticeships and the Adult Skills Budget and has a contract worth £3.5 million to its delivery partners. The WYLP Skills Consortium has been used by LSIS as a case study for effective practice and consortia arrangements


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