Apprenticeships are a great way of gaining a nationally recognised qualification, and workplace experience.As an Apprentice, you can earn while you earn while you learn, and gain valuable skills from the workplace. Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete. How long it will take you depends on the level of Apprenticeships you're working towards, your ability, and the sector in which you are working.

The minimum wage for an Apprentice aged 16-18, and for those aged 19+ in the first year of their Apprenticeship, is £2.60 per hour. This is set to rise to £2.65 per hour from the 1st of October 2012. However, some employers do offer significantly more.

Apprenticeships are open to all age groups above 16 years old, whether you are just leaving school, have been in work for years, or are looking to start a new career. You just need to be living in England, not participating in full-time education, and not in possession of a level 4 or above qualification i.e. a degree. Please note there may be different entry requirements depending on the Apprenticeship, and the industry sector.

The Skills Consortium, consisting of 17 quality training providers, deliver a wide range of Apprenticeship frameworks across most sectors:        

        - Activity Leadership

        - Barbering

        - Business and Administration

        - Call Centre Operative

        - Call Handling

        - Children and the Young People's Workforce

        - Cleaning and Support Services

        - Customer Service

        - Hairdressing

        - Health and Social Care

        - Horticulture

        - Hospitality

        - Instructing Exercise and Fitness

        - IT User Skills

        - Leisure Management

        - Library Services and Information

        - Management

        - Personal Training

        - Playwork

        - Retail Skills

        - Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools

        - Supply Chain Management

        - Team Leading 

        - Telesales

        - Warehousing and Storage


The Skills Consortium source new employer vacancies regularly, all of which can be applied for on the National Apprenticeship Service's Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service Website (www.apprenticeshipvacancymatchingservice.lsc.gov.uk)

To apply for the vacancies, you will be required to register your details. Once this has been done, you are able to apply for up to 20 vacancies at any one time.

To access The Skills Consortium's latest Apprenticeship vacancies, click on Search by Learning Provider, enter West Yorkshire Learning Providers in the Learning Provider field, and press the Search button.

Key benefits :

         - Earn a salary

         - Get paid holidays

         - Receive training 

         - Gain qualifications

         - Learn job-specific skills

What types of Apprenticeship are there?


An Apprenticeship includes a work-based learning qualification, functional skills, a knowledge-based qualification and in some case a technical certificate.

         - Intermediate Level Apprenticeship (level 2)

         - Advanced Level Apprenticeship (level 3)

         - Higher Apprenticeship (level 4 or above)

Click image to visit the Apprenticeship Matching Service

This service will help you search and apply for an Apprenticeship vacancy

This service is available for anyone who is searching for an Apprenticeship vacancy

This fact sheet highlights the
250 Apprenticeship frameworks
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